youth for christ


Because of you…

Over 20 years Youth for Christ in Ukraine is helping churches to reach young people through different programs and activities:

  • Day Centers for children at risk. Children from single-parent, poor and alco-/drug- abused families come to Day Center where they can get help and love. Volunteers care about them, helping with school homework, feed them and teach Bible. Also YFC volunteers continue this ministry with parents to bring Jesus in families. This is one of the important social ministry and YFC helps churches to do over 90 Day Centers.
  • Rock Solid clubs for teenagers. The most popular and effective way to share Gospel among teenagers. Youth clubs is the first model of ministry in Ukraine and over 5000 teenagers every week visit up to 200 clubs.
  • School of Leadership trainings. Today as never before there is a great need in strong Christian leaders so YFC regularly teaches youth leaders how to lead young people, how to work in team and how to grow in faith. YFC Ukraine makes such Schools in different 7 cities and each year about 500 ministers get leadership skills.

Also YFC Ukraine makes a lot of camps for young people, creates resources and organizes many trainings and conferences.

Prayer Needs
  • For peace in Ukraine. For safety of our volunteers who serve in warzone.
  • For raising new leaders who dedicate themselves to serve youth
  • For support of YFC Ukraine small team that does huge ministry